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I am a Kent County Photographic Association Premier Judge and a Senior Judge for the Sussex Federation, and would love to visit your club to comment on your images and judge your competition. 

Distance is not normally a problem, so if you would like to contact me, please use the form on my Contact Page, or you can find my details on the KCPA website, in the PAGB handbook or on the Zoom Register. 

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....."You gave each image equal time and thought, giving both praise and constructive advice where appropriate.  Your kind, thoughtful and constructive comments did justice to every image and made for a very balanced evening.  The subject matter was very varied but you didn't show any bias or preference and judged each image on its merits, with appropriate marks."


....."As usual you did a splendid job commenting and marking our three divisions.  Your kind and thoughtful comments came with special help and consideration to our Division 3 workers."



...   "We really enjoyed your comments throughout the evening, giving good advice on our images."



...  "Thank you again for a great evening's judging - very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you again soon."


...  "Thank you for making the Battle such an exciting evening."

Nanango Austraiia

.... "Thank you for judging our images.  You have spent quite a bit of time in making your comments which is really helpful and we appreciate that very much."



....."Your articulate commentary showed an appreciation of the whole image as presented by the photographer without being too critical."


....."Thank you for your excellent and thoughtful judging of our Print Competition.  Your clear and constructive judging made the evening very memorable especially to some of our newer members."

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