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Photographic Talks

I am available to do the following presentations at Camera Clubs. Talks in person preferred as all presentations include prints, but may be given over Zoom if distance is not practical.  If you would like any further information, please contact me here.


Art Photography.jpg

Art Photography - a pot pouri of ideas for improving your photography in camera with simplicity and negative space, and for creating some wonderful art photography with Photoshop using inversion, toning and the Graphite App, plus creative cropping. 

Rather than see the world as individual things to take pictures of can we recognise just the lines, shapes, colours, textures, shadows, and highlights as potential images?

abstract web 1.jpg
bottle small.jpg
Floral Fine Art Intro.jpg

Looking at being more adventurous with flower and plant photography, with light, simplicity, shapes, textures, inversion and botanical presentations.

Photoshop Ideas for post processing to enhance your floral images.

twigs copy (1).jpg
BLUEBELLS by Cherry Larcombe.jpg

Creative Flower Photography

Creative ideas to bring out the colour, shapes and beauty of flowers, both outdoor and indoor, and hints on how to produce some unique and original floral art.  


Talk includes the use of textures to enhance your flower images, using blend modes and layer masks.

Cupids Dart copy.jpg
hydrangea 2.jpg

Textures &

Ideas for using texture to enhance your photography- floral and otherwise - including how to create them, and detailed explanations on how to work with them in Photoshop.   Ideas for backgrounds using brushes and colour toning.

How to create a beautiful triptych.  Choosing the right images and how best to construct and present them.

An illustrated presentation with prints and pdi's.

Cala Lily Triptych 2 small.jpg

Feedback from first showing of ABSTRACTS  

on Camversation

.......Cherry was well prepared and offered an exciting view of abstract photography with excellent examples!


........Another inspiring talk from Cherry!  I love her simple approach to make images and the way that she breaks tings down showing her workflow in Photoshop.


.........I very much enjoyed this presentation which was very well organised and delivered.


.........I enjoyed Cherry’s talk so much.  She is really inspirational and so willing to share her knowledge.


.........More, more, more please!!!  Brilliant and so thought provoking.  Lots of ideas to try out.



.....It is my great pleasure to write on behalf of Kingston Camera Club to say a big thank you for your splendid talk on Monday evening

As you know, I think a successful lecture combines three ingredients: quality images, enjoyment and some ideas or learning. You treated us to all three in a highly polished but light heated evening. I am sure you will have been aware of the high level of engagement and interest.


.....I’ve had plenty of time to gather feedback from our members and it’s a resounding thumbs up! We all enjoyed seeing the beautiful and creative images you presented to us. The mix of stories behind the images with the accompanying technical information where appropriate, made for a delightful and stimulating evening.



...   I have heard nothing but praise for your lecture from our members and feel that you have inspired them for our themed round of Flower Prints.



...  I have received a lot of great feedback from both Committee and Members regarding your knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject matter.  You inspired a lot of members as lots of submitted competition images over the last two weeks show the "Cherry Style" as we are calling it.  The local florist has even asked me to say "thank you”.


....the tips and tricks and practical advice were excellent and your good humoured delivery made for an excellent evenings entertainment.  

ZOOM Testimonials

Camera Club of Brevard, Florida USA

....  Cherry is a wonderful photographer of flowers. She is also an excellent presenter. If you would like to learn more about how to take amazing and unique images of flora, Cherry is certainly one of the best to consider. She's amazing. Booking via


.....Thank you very much for your very informative and interesting talk.  A well balanced presentation, lots of great images and plenty of editing advice.


.....I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your presentation. We were eager to learn from your tips and see examples of your work. You supplied both in spadefuls! Both outdoors and indoors, we had a lot to learn from your approaches.  I particularly appreciated your explanation of post processing treatments.


.....Cherry's creativity was inspiring and together with her clear explanations on technique, she provided us with a thoroughly enjoyable and educational evening.

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